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S3Me250S3Me is simple – I like simple. It makes life easier for me.

All my plugins are made to be easy – EasyWpPlugins

S3Me is probably the simplest way to add video to your blog and make it look professional. It doesn’t pretend to do everything and it doesn’t need to. It does one thing and it does it well – and easily.

You can be up and running, adding videos to your blog within a couple of minutes of downloading S3Me.

Check the short sample video below – It’s using my S3Me plugin



Let’s look at the features…


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Use on unlimited domains (that you own)
  • Save on bandwidth costs by using Amazon S3
  • Protect your videos
  • As easy as 1,2, S3!


We both know there are other video players out there that work with Amazon hosting, but most of them are complex with a gazillion settings.

And have you seen how much they cost? $97 seems to be a popular price – I’m sure it is for the merchant! But just to show a video on your blog? Seems a bit steep to me.

That’s why my pricing is sensible – $27 won’t break the bank and it’s for unlimited use on all your own domains.

So my question really is this – do you want to learn how to configure 500 different options that you’ll probably never use, or just have something easy that you will use, every day?

The answer is obvious really, so click the button below and get your copy of S3Me right now.


S3Me160The S3Me plugin

Price: $27

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(you’ll receive your download email within minutes of purchase (usually within seconds)

Requirements: A self-hosted WordPress blog, with ioncube enabled, an Amazon S3 account and of course, some video. My licensing model allows you to install the plugin on unlimited domains that you personally own.