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RedirectMe Download and Usage

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Installing the plugin


As with most plugins, installation only takes a few seconds. Login as an admin to your blog and click on PLUGINS then ADD NEW


Click on UPLOAD




A window will open where you can locate the zip file you downloaded (you have to remember where you saved it, but often it’s the desktop or your downloads folder).

Click on the filename then click on OPEN


You’ll be taken back to the install page and you’ll see the zip file name next to CHOOSE FILE.



Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the upload may take a few seconds or it may take a minute.

When you see this message, click on ACTIVATE PLUGIN.


Nearly done.

Now you have to license the plugin. Click on EWPP Licenses and you’ll see a side menu appear.



Enter your license information (it’s sent to you via email after purchase) and then click on SAVE AND ACTIVATE.

Be careful not to copy any spaces at the end of any of the details.

Using RedirectMe is very simple.

Using it on a post or page


Create your page or post as normal.

Below the text editing area you’ll see the REDIRECT POST settings box.

The current time is shown. That’s so you can work out what timezone your server works on. It’s not always the same timezone as where you live.

Choose the date and time you want RedirectMe to do something to your page or post, using the date and time entry fields.


From the drop-down box, you can choose what happens when we get to the date and time you specify.

You can

  • Do nothing, so the page and post continues as normal.
  • Unpublish the page/post. That turns it into a draft, in case you want to do something else with it in the future.
  • Delete it. This is a permanent deletion so use it with care!
  • Redirect to URL. This one is extremely powerful. You can create self-expiring sales pages that automatically send people to the full price page at a certain time, when your discount offer has expired. You can also use it to cloak your affiliate links.
  • Skip this action. Skips this action and moves on to the next one.


If you want to redirect, you have to put in the page where you want to sell people. This can be another page or post on your own site, or it can be a redirect to any other website page, including afflilate pages.

If you choose an action date that has already passed, that makes the redirect happen instantly – very useful if you want to cloak your affiliate links.


Create a page called /TheBestSpinner/ for example. In the RedirectPost box set the redirect to whatever your affiliate link is for TheBestSpinner. You will now always send people to your own site if you’re promoting TheBestSpinner. But RedirectMe will then send them to your affiliate link – if they make a purchase you get a commission.

That means you now have full control over where you send people when you promote offers. By sending them to a page on your site, you maintain control and you can change the link easily if you ever need to.

If you’ve created a lot of articles, or reports, to promote that affiliate link by pointing to your special RedirectMe page, you now only need to make one change if you want to promote something else.

The Five Options


As you can see, there are five possible options. The one you will most likely use 95% of the time is the Redirect to URL.

You can even chain pages so that you have a mini sales funnel that shows a different page on specific dates. Let your imagination run free when you think up uses for this simple little plugin.


Action Date 1 Special Redirect to URL Option

As of v1.5, you can delay a URL redirect for Action Date 1. When you choose Redirect to URL, a new option will be visibile (after X seconds). See below:

redirect after x

The redirect works the same except that you can set the number of seconds that has to pass before executing the redirect. Leave this new field blank to redirect as soon as possible.


The Three Actions


You can set 3 actions on a page. They should be in chronological order.

In the screenshot above, we’ve set 3 different redirect actions. Since the time is already 9:30, it would redirect to If however, the time is just 8:45, it would redirect to instead since the 3rd action is still in the future.



As of v1.6, you can now use a shortcode to redirect to a URL instead of setting it as seen above. The format of the shortcode is:



Just replace with the URL of the site you want the page to redirect to. Add this shortcode on the post or page content. See below:

redirectme shortcode


Mass Import

As of v1.6, you can now mass create pages whose sole purpose is to redirect. You can do this by going to the new RedirectMe Tools page as seen below:

redirect mass import

  1. Select your import file. The text or csv file should contain 1 URL per line.
  2. This is optional. You can enter the base title of the page that will be created on WP. If left blank, it will use “Redirect” as the default base title.
  3. Click on the Import URLs button.