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Make Money Off Other People's Videos...

I love anything that makes my life simple. And today I'm pre-launching my new plugin that makes my life simpler and more lucrative.

PlayMe is the simple plugin that lets you embed videos on your blogs and add monetization to those videos - even if they're not yours!

Surely that can't be legal?

Yes, it can and it is.

Not only that, you can be doing the video creator a favor by featuring their video on your blog, even if you make money from it.

Of course you can use PlayMe to monetize your own videos. But just think how many ready made videos are sitting in Youtube, waiting for you to put to work on your sites.

If you haven't already watched the video at the top of this page you really should. You'll see PlayMe in action. Refresh the page if you need to see the video again.

What does PlayMe do? Well it's very simple to use, but very powerful.

You can embed videos onto your posts and pages. The videos can be on your site, Amazon S3 or Youtube. You can show the videos in a pop-up lightbox, or as regular videos on the page.

So far so good and that's already great for engaging your site visitors. But PlayMe goes evern farther.

At any point in the video you can pause it (multiple times if you like) and put whatever you want in the video viewing area.

Not sure what to put in there? How about these ideas?

  • Your optin form (get more subscribers while they're still interested in the video)
  • A buy button (yes, you can put a buy button in the video for your own product or an affiliate offer)
  • A discount code or coupon
  • A social share link
  • A free download link (great to send people to a sign up page)
  • A webinar registration link 

This video relates to weight loss so you could advertise an affiliate link
Click to watch it.

You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video.

Choose the version that suits your site building needs. 


3 domain license 


50 domain license


1 domain license

Licensing: PlayMe is a licensed plugin. You'll receive an email with license details after purchase. Free updates are included for 2 years from purchase.

System requirements: To install PlayMe, your web hosting service needs to have ioncube loaders installed. Most modern good hosting already has them, or will install them for free if you ask them.

Want to see what a similar system costs? Click here

To be fair theirs does a little bit more than mine, but look at that price!!!!
When you've seen the price (and fainted) come back here and grab yourself a real bargain.

This is the bottom slider area. You can edit this text and also insert any element here. This is a good place if you want to put an opt-in form or a scarcity countdown.