When Do People Read  your Email?

If you already have a list and you contact them on a regular basis, you may still be missing out.

WHEN you send your email can affect whether people read it and how you should speak to them. 

Most popular times to read an email

We crunched some numbers to see when people actually read the emails we send out.

The results of the analysis were somewhat startling. More people read an email around 4pm than any other time.

In fact that timeslot has 500% more opens/reads than the next nearest popular timeslot!

When you take into account that people's inboxes get filled up regularly, that leads to a very important idea.

Send your email at the time when it's most likely to be read and it is more likely to be near the top of their email inbox anyway - that means even more likely to be read. When people are in the mood for reading email, you want YOUR email to be the one they see and read.

Can't do that with your current autoresponder? Check again because most of the popular services have a way to specify the sending time.

Listen to the audio (click the play button below) for some more explanation about what these statistics mean.

So do you think the time of day people read your email might affect how you should speak to them? Is someone reading your email at 7am in the same frame of mind as someone watching the clock, waiting to go home?

I don't think so.

I think you can get better results by talking about what your subscribers are interested in whenever they read your emails. It's a simple shift of focus from what you want (usually a sale) to what they want to read about.

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