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"40 Seconds To Add 1 Year's Worth Of Content To Your Blog? Yes, With FeedMe That's Exactly Right!"

Watch this short video to see how FAST FeedMe works.
You'll never want to create a post manually again

Hey, you don't have time to waste - why waste it?

FeedMe is fast and easy

Blog posting is easy

Let’s be really honest. Posting to your blog is not difficult. It’s so easy that even kids can do it.

All you have to do is login to your blog, click on Posts or Pages, click on Add New, add your title, add your body content, set the category, choose a date to publish, then, finally, click on Publish

How long does it take?

Well, I timed myself – I’m pretty fast – and it takes me at least 35 seconds to add a new post from a pre-written article. That’s not including the time to go to my blog, login, then click on Add New.

35 seconds is not too bad. But that’s for one post. And I'm fairly fast. 

What if you had a full year’s worth of posts? Suppose you had only 136 posts that you want to appear every three days. You can login every three days and spend probably a minute doing the posting. Over two hours for a year’s worth of content?

Not terrible, really. But time is money so …. 

Time is the one thing you'll never have more of - ever.

What if you have lots of blogs?

How do you cope with adding hundreds of articles to dozens of blogs?

You can do all the work manually, of course.

But the smart way is to let tools do the heavy lifting for you. When you can save hours of time on every blog you have, you can spend that time any way you like. You could:

  • Set up more blogs
  • Create new products
  • Promote your sites and links
  • Enjoy your hobby
  • Spend time with your family
  • Do whatever you choose to do


It's hard work posting a ton of content

So how do you avoid all the hard work of posting tons of content? 

I'm very glad that you asked!

FeedMe is my own secret weapon. If you’ve watched that short video you’ve seen me add 136 pre-written articles to my blog – and schedule them – in 40 seconds.

About 25 seconds of that time was spent just zipping the articles!

FeedMe actually did the heavy lifting in about 20 seconds or less.

Using the right tool for the job saves you time, energy and effort. But it does more than that. It allows you to…

It's no work at all using FeedMe!

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

When you save time, you don’t just save time, you *make* time. And time is the only thing on the planet that every one – rich and poor – has the same amount of.

With the time you save you can become more productive, reach out to more potential site visitors and customers, develop your online business, generate new content and reuse old content (that’s a biggie!).

Nobody should have to work harder - let your computer work for you!

Stop wasting your valuable time

Your time is precious. Life is too short to spend doing all the boring, mechanical jobs - not when there are far more important things to do with your time.

FeedMe is designed to do the boring repetitive posting work for you

Don't fall asleep at the wheel ever again!
  • Install on 20 personal blogs - at this pricing you're paying less than $1 per domain, even if you have dozens of blogs on that specific domain! (subdomains off your main domain don't count against the 20!!)
  • Simple to use - I design my plugins to be easy to use because I use them myself
  • Flexible - Uploads your posts and media in one operation

Don't Feed Your Blog Manually - Get Some Power On Your Team

Look, the search engines demand fresh content all the time, especially Google. If you want to keep them happy you're going to have to keep creating and publishing new content over and over.

FeedMe can take the time, effort and stress out of getting your content onto your blogs and scheduled to keep your sites loaded with fresh content for weeks, months and years to come.

Or you can do it all manually and spend your life hitting "PUBLISH". 

Get Started Today

Hit the buy button and you'll be able to start using FeedMe on your sites in just a few minutes.

If you're not sure, grab this NOW and start using it. You have a full 30 days money back guarantee so you're totally covered.

Q Does FeedMe create the content?

No, of course not. You’d be paying me tens of thousands of dollars if it did!

FeedMe works with all the content you create yourself, or buy from PLR sources and writers.

You’re going to have to create content for your blogs one way or another. Once you have that content, FeedMe gets it onto your blogs fast.

Q So what's the point?

If you like to spend your time clicking buttons in WordPress to create your posts, set the date, set the category and finally publish the post, you still can.

If you want to save time and effort and post your content faster and easier than you can do it manually, FeedMe is for you. That’s the point of FeedMe. It saves you the time and effort you’d have to spend the old way.

Q How many blogs can I use it on?

The standard license allows installation on 20 of your domains, but that doesn't count subdomains.

So if you have 10 blogs on one domain, that still only counts as one install!

Q Does it work on blogs?

No. It only works on self-hosted blogs on your own domain. 

You will also need the ioncube loaders installed, but most good webhosting will have that already in place - if not they'll usually add it free if you ask them.

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

There's no risk to you - I offer a full money back guarantee!

If you think that my product is not for you, simply contact support, and I will return 100% of your money. No Questions Asked!

p.s. Every minute you spend doing things the old way, the manual way, is a minute that's gone forever. You can never get back the time you waste so don't waste another minute - grab FeedMe now and start putting it to use on your blogs.

A blog that's filled with content, scheduled to roll out nicely over time keeps Google happy. Fresh content on a regular basis is what they're looking for. Now you can add it in one operation, queue it up to drip out over time and keep a smile on the face of Google - and yourself!

This is not just a great plugin to use, it's also fun to use - don't wait, grab your copy now!

Price: $27
StickMe StickMe for Wordpress
There is absolutely no risk to you because there is a full money back guarantee!

System requirements: FeedMe works on self-hosted WordPress blogs. Your website will need the ioncube loader installed. Most good webhosting has it already installed, but if not your webhost company should install it for you free of charge, if you ask them.

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