Use Wordpress? You'll love my plugins…


I’m so impressed with the power of this tool that I made a quick video to show you what it’s like. There are lots of great ways to use it and I’ve only scratched the surface in this short video (6 minutes).

DeltaWalker is a file and folder comparison utility.  If you have absolutely no need for comparing/syncronizing files and folders this will be of no interest to you.

The video will play in a smallish popup window, but you can make it full screen if you wish. It’s very clear in full screen so you may find it more convenient to watch that way.

You can use the tool for comparing your articles, to make sure you’ve made them unique; for backing up important files/folders either locally or to a remote server; mirroring/synchronizing folders; merging article differences; checking coding changes if you write code; creating working copies of folders so you can make changes and leave the originals safe – lots of possibilities with this tool

I got the Oro version which costs a little more, but it has some very cool features.