This simple plugin is a powerful way to check dozens, hundreds or even thousands of your sites to make sure they are online.

CheckMe400You can check your own sites very easily just by visiting them, one after the other, in a web browser, if you really want to.

If they load ok and look ok, they’re working. But what if you have dozens, or even hundreds of sites to check?

Want to sit checking all your sites, one by one, all day long?

No, I wouldn’t either! That’s why I’ve created this little plugin to do it for me.

Your time is more valuable spent on building your online businesses. Don’t waste it on boring, repetitive work.

Using CheckMe you can enter details of all your sites – even all your individual pages if you want to – and let CheckMe verify that they’re online and reachable, as often as you want. All you do is hit the big CheckMe Now button (how simple is that?) and wait for the results.

Any sites that have a problem will show up and you can contact your web hosts, login to your Cpanel or do whatever you need to do to fix it.