The Amazon Plugin for Your Blog

Amazon offers a truly tremendous affiliate opportunity for physical and digital products. And they know exactly how to convert a visitor into a customer. All you need to do is send them some visitors and commissions follow. It’s virtually that easy.AmazeMe400

Of course there’s always some work to do. Money doesn’t just grow on trees. You have to create your affiliate links, target the right Amazon domain for where your visitors live, and build your long, complex affiliate Amazon link.

Now you can point your visitors to Amazon the easy way. AmazeMe is a really simple to use tool that does all this:

  • Geotargets – send your visitors to the right Amazon country domain (no more lost sales)
  • Pulls related products automatically
  • Builds your Amazon affiliate links for you
  • Enhances your site with images
  • Offers your visitors information related to their interests



How much for this super little tool? First, watch the video to see what it does.

You can pick up a 10 domain license by using the button below, for the lowest price I’m going to offer.


Totally Risk Free

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System requirements: This plugin works on self-hosted WordPress blogs and your web hosting needs Ioncube loaders enabled. Most good webhosting has the Ioncube loaders already enabled. If your hosting doesn’t, your webhost will normally enable them for you free of charge.